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Solid-Liquid Separation  

1) Pusher Centrifuges

Pusher Centrifuge utilizes continuous filtration for the suspended, fast draining, crystalline and granular or fibrous solids from the liquid phase. These solids can be washed as they are transported though the basket. The average particle size of the solids must be at least 0.1 mm.   

Pusher santrifüj

Fig. 1. Pusher Centrifuge (Rotofilt Brand)  

3) Peeler Centrifuge

Peeler centrifuge operates on the principle of centrifugal force to separate solids from liquids by density difference. Horizontal peeler centrifuges are successfully used in Food Stuff, Pharmaceutical, Plastic, Organic & Inorganic Chemicals Industry for separating solids from solid liquid slurry with 5 to 50% solids contents and particle size ranging from 2 microns to 10 mm. Products which are difficult to filter or decant can be easily separated using Peeler centrifuge.  


Fig. 3. Peeler Centrifuge (Rotofilt Brand)  

4) Vertical Basket Centrifuge

Vertical Basket Centrifuge operates under a discontinuous filtration process and is well suited to the efficient separation of Pharmaceutical products and of fine and bulk chemicals. This type of centrifuge is used with small batch sizes and where products are changed frequently with low process costs, this enables versatile usage for processing numerous products with one centrifuge. There is no crystal breakage, as the peeling is performed at the reduced speed.   

Vertical Basket.jpg

Fig. 4. Vertical Basket Centrifuge (Rotofilt Brand)  

5) Decanter Centrifuge

Often the solids are too fine to be dewatered satisfactorily in the filtering centrifuges. They can be separated in solid bowl centrifuges provided their sedimentation speed in the mother liquid is sufficient. The sinking settling speed is determined by Particle size, Particle shape and difference in density between solids and liquids as well as their viscosity. The system is continuous, compact and enclosed while offering versatility, high performance and low maintenance.  

decanter centrifuge dekanter

Fig. 5. Decanter Centrifuge (Rotofilt Brand)  

2) Pressure Filter

Automatic Vertical Pressure Filter ensures the driest cake and high yield of the product with marked reduction of energy consumption. It is ultimate equipment designed to handle flammable, toxic and corrosive material since they are autoclaved and designed for hazardous environment when high pressure and safe environment is required. Likewise they may be readily jacketed for application whenever hot or cold temperature is to be preserved.   

Pressure Filter Basınçlı Filtre

Fig. 2. Pressure Filter (Rotofilt Brand)  

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