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Sistemas Technology was established in 2005. Sistemas is a company which designs and installs chemical plants on turn-key basis. Evaporation and crystallisation plants, zero liquid discharge plants, fertilizer production plants, Chlor-alkali plants, distillation systems, salt washing plants are among the fields it is specialised in. It further performs the designing and manufacturing of equipment such as reactors, distillation columns, heat exchangers, driers and the like for chemical plants.

It has adopted as a principle to apply TS EN ISO 9001:2008 standards, prioritise quality and evaluate the resources in the most efficient and economic way. In a short while, Sistemas completed significant projects with its experienced staff members who are specialised in their own respective fields.

Sistemas trades all kinds of used power plants, factories and equipment at domestic and abroad. Depends on customer request, Sistemas dismantles, reinstalls and starts up them. 

Sistemas is also representative of world leading companies in solid/liquid separating equipment, self-clean heat exchangers, used plants and equipment in Turkey


To be a company which follows the technological developments in the world, which tries to develop and generate new technologies and to apply nano-technologies in industries in Turkey, which is specialised in the designing and manufacturing of chemical and power plants, which satisfies the requirements and expectations of its customers in full, and which is active, environment- and human-friendly and dynamic in representative agencies.


To ensure the designing, manufacturing and installation of those chemical and power plants which are caused to be carried out by foreign companies to a great extent to be carried out by our company, thus making some contribution to the development of our country’s build-up in engineering. To make use of the facilities of the domestic industry in the manufacturing of such plants and equipment to the full extent. To ensure the imports of those plants and equipment which may not be manufactured at home from the foreign companies which we represent in compliance with the conditions of our country.

Quality policy

To carry on a systematic operation with its well-trained and dynamic staff members and to continuously improve its working capacity, designing and representation skills and the effectiveness of its quality management system in order to satisfy its customers’ requirements and expectations in the best way.         

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